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Welcome to Maggie's Sweets, where every treat is made with love and inspired by the rich culture and diverse community of Chicago. My name is Maggie, and I am the founder and head baker of this pop-up online bakery. My baking journey started over a decade ago when I began experimenting in the kitchen, self-taught and passionate about creating delicious baked goods. From there, I had the opportunity to work alongside some

of the most talented chefs in Chicago and hone my skills. I wanted to share my passion with the world, and so Maggie's Sweets was born.

Our bakery is more than just a business - it's a community-driven venture that celebrates the cultural richness of our city. Every pie, cookie, and pastry we make is inspired by the diverse flavors and ingredients of the communities we serve. While we may not have a physical location, we deliver our sweets all throughout the city, bringing joy and sweetness to everyone we reach.


At Maggie's Sweets, we believe that everyone deserves a sweet treat that speaks to their unique taste and preferences. That's why we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can find something to satisfy their sweet tooth. We love what we do and are passionate about sharing our baked goods with the world. Come join us at Maggie's Sweets and taste the love in every bite!

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